Vancouver Whitecaps ‘Sexist’ Video Pulled…Because Woman Watch Soccer?


In, perhaps, the most baffling case of well, we’re not quite sure, an ad for the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team was pulled because some felt the ad was sexist. We’re always up for a good controversy so we watched the 18 second ad waiting for some crazy, egregiously sexist moment.

After 18 seconds passed and the Whitecaps logo appeared, we scratched our head and thought, “Um…what?” The video is a candid capture of three women cheering on their team earlier in the season. It wasn’t staged. No actors where hired. Just three women enjoying the game.

Some say the video, produced in slow motion, is reminiscent of Pamela Anderson n the opening scene of Baywatch. And that was sexist how?

Emily Guedes, the woman on the left in the ad, has no idea either. But she is offended for another reason saying,”I am not offended by the video but I am adamantly offended by their removal of it.”

As to why the video, one of eight in a series highlighting fans, was pulled, Whitecaps President Bobby Lenarduzzi said,”It was never our intention to offend anybody. It was just one of a series of eight videos we are using to promote our upcoming season-ticket campaign. The fact that because there were people offended, we just thought the right thing to do was to pull it.”

A poll on VanCityBuzz finds 91.7% believe the ad is not sexist. Who the hell those other 8.3% are we have no idea.

Guedes added, “People need to lighten up. The only people who have a right to be offended by the video are me and my friends — and none of us are offended. I’m thinking about wearing an oversized turtleneck to the next game.”

Yea, maybe a potato sack. Afterall, WTF? It’s not like her boobs were falling out of a skimpy top. And, newsflash: WOMAN HAVE BREASTS! And in this case, it would seem some people would like us to believe that simply possessing a pair of breasts is somehow sexist.

Take a chill pill, people.

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Vancouver Whitecaps ‘Sexist’ Video Pulled…Because Woman Watch Soccer?

Naked Breasts Adorn Billboards For Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


Breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel, which has previously urged college students to touch each other’s breasts and presented us with the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships, is, again, placing breasts front and center in its efforts to call attention to breast cancer.

The charity has launched a new billboard and print campaign which consists of naked images of woman’s breasts adorned with the one word each woman in the photograph uses to describe her breasts. From sensitive, to doughy to squidgy to firm, the effort aims to get women (and everyone else) comfortable with examining breasts for lumps and discussing breast cancer in general.

A social element of the campaign encourages discussion with the hashtag #WhatNormalFeelsLike. And a pop up store opening today will showcase all of the campaign ads that were shot by British photographer Rankin who must be awesome because, you know, he has just one name.

The store will also be home to a Boob Booth, a photo booth in which woman can photograph their own bare-chested beauty. Those who do will be given a CoppaFeel goody bag filled with I Love… Cosmetics. And, free CoppaFeel-inspired manicures will be provided by WAH Nails.

Warning. Naked images below.




Naked Breasts Adorn Billboards For Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Schlage Imagines Life Without Keys. And It’s Pretty Weird


So the whole world is on its way to becoming keyless. Not that we don’t lock stuff up anymore, we just don’t use keys to do so. Working With Indianapolis-based Young & Laramore, Schlage has envisioned what life’s like now that keys are obsolete.

We hear from Corry. Yea, Corry with two R’s. Corry goes on and on and on about the difficulties she’s faced throughout life having to deal with the whole two R’s thing. She rants about the inability to find a keepsake keychain from Panama City saying, “Even though I was there! I was there! It’s like the whole world telling you ‘Hey, you don’t exist.’”

And Corry tells us all of this while she’s cutting carrots for a minute and a half. And for those entire 90 seconds, we squirmed and cringed wondered to ourselves, “Will she? Won’t she?” Alas, in the end, Corry does not slice her finger off but she does revel in the fact that key chains are now obsolete and she doesn’t have to face the whole “name on a keychain” thing anymore.

Another video has a mayor prattle on and on and on about how awesome Lieutenant Parsons is and then, because keys are now obsolete, the mayor present Parson with…oh yea…the Carp to the City.

A third video has a doormat lament the fact that, well, doormats are just doormats now and it sure is a lonely job now that no one tickles him by lifting his side to grab the key that’s hidden beneath him.

There are 8 videos in all which will be rolled out across the brand’s social media channels with the hashtag #KeylessEra. And this teaser kicked it off:

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Schlage Imagines Life Without Keys. And It’s Pretty Weird

Going to ad:tech New York? Here’s Your 20% Discount Code


If you work in online marketing then you’re probably aware ad:tech is pretty much the largest conference out there covering online marketing and advertising technology. Perhaps you’ve been. Perhaps you haven’t. If you have, then you know how beneficial it can be both from a networking and educational perspective. If you haven’t been, see the previous sentence. The bottom line is you should go.

We’re not saying this because this promotion is part of media sponsor deal we have with ad:tech (to be clear, it is), rather it is because we have been to every ad:tech for the past ten years and can personally vouch for the benefits you will realize if you choose to attend. To make that decision a bit easier, we can offer you 20% off the registration fee if you use the discount code: ADR20NY14.

ad:tech New York will take place at the Javits Center November 5-6.

Oh and a secret: Follow the @adrants Twitter account closely. We’ll be tweeting out a link to a one time only offer for a 100% free All Access pass to the conference sometime on Thursday. Whomever clicks first and registers, gets the free pass.

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Going to ad:tech New York? Here’s Your 20% Discount Code

The 6 Best Movie Marketing Campaigns of 2014


Although film fans still have the holiday movie season to anticipate, the year has already given many examples of how marketers have been able to tap into what resonates with audiences across the world before a movie even hits the theaters. Keep reading to learn more about some of the standout movie promo efforts of 2014 so far.


The marketing team behind Godzilla seemed to clearly understand how to tap into a rich fan base when it chose to unveil teaser trailer footage at Comic-Con events. The movie’s Twitter account also offered bits of insight about a mysterious fictional organization called M.U.T.O., but just enough to spark curiosity about how that group might tie into the movie without giving clear-cut answers. The smart combination of first showing the trailer to fans who would be likely to embrace the film, plus promoting an air of mystery on social media, caused a good box office draw.

This guest article was written by Kayla Matthews, a blogger with a passion for business solutions, social media and marketing. Follow her on Google+ and Twitter to read all of her latest posts.

The Fault in Our Stars

Film marketers won over the hearts of fans in this case by making them feel involved with the film. Because the movie was a young-adult novel first, fans around the world felt protective of the integrity of the story, and wanted it to translate well to the big screen. In addition to viewing a trailer, fans got social media overload via Instagram photos, Twitter posts and other glimpses of the movie taking shape. The film not only performed strongly in theaters, but it was also well received by fans.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This case study proves how a less-is-more approach can work well, especially if trailers are shown to receptive audiences. The marketing campaign for this film probably wouldn’t come to mind as one that was constantly across your social media feeds and television screens, but it took off at the right time, and people flocked to the theaters to see the film. Paramount decided to debut the trailer in March prior to the “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” film, and that move nearly guaranteed getting an appreciative audience. Newer trailers steadily gave fans more peeks at what was to come, and the fan base responded by spending their dollars at the box office.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

If you’ve ever purchased a DVD that has hidden Easter eggs for dedicated fans, one trailer for this film was made with you in mind. It features a billboard with a working phone number you can call. This is a great example of marketing with your audience in mind. While some Constructicon fans might wish to see more of their favorite characters in these movies (especially with the variety of construction equipment available to the film’s creators), the Transformers movies have, overall, done a very good job of luring both old and new fans into movie theaters across the country.


Boasting Scarlett Johansson in the title role, this movie told the tale of a woman who could use 100 percent of her brain, in contrast to the average human that only uses 10 percent. The marketing campaign was very pointed, offering enough information to create curiosity but not overwhelm. As a result, the movie did very well at the box office, although it wasn’t initially tapped to be a particular success in terms of grosses.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Superhero movies are known to do well when it comes to luring movie lovers to theaters, but the distinction about this film is it deals with little-known superheroes instead of the ones almost everyone’s familiar with. To get people excited, marketers focused on the drawing power of the Marvel brand name, but didn’t shy away from the perceived oddities of the characters in the film. The cast included a tree and a raccoon, and trailers took a lighthearted but engaging approach to introducing them enough so moviegoers would want to know more, and respond by purchasing tickets for the film.

This list gives some great examples of how a little creativity in the marketing department can go a long way both in terms of creating a buzz and making it last through a film’s debut.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll have the luxury of marketing the next big sci-fi or action movie, you can take a little bit of inspiration from these awesome trailers into your next marketing campaign.

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The 6 Best Movie Marketing Campaigns of 2014